Born in 1992, raised in the beautiful mountain town of Koniaków. In 2019, she graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice; painting, in the studio of prof. Jacek Rykała.

Currently in his work, he continues the artistic cycle entitled „Delicacy to defend.”

The title of the series „delicacy to defend” … because this is what it is about to stand on the side of this delicacy, to see it, understand it, to embrace the vulnerability and naivety that he talks about in his work.

These are works with a very diverse base (e.g. wood, glass, stone), technique and format. Work is carried out in two ways. Sometimes an object found somewhere suggests the subject (eg Game of appearances), and sometimes quite the opposite – the artist carries an idea in herself and looks for a suitable ground (eg „Meeting”). It limits colors, banisters on the border between painting, drawing, object and assemblage.

It is extremely important for the artist to create a melancholy atmosphere. He does not want to cause fear, but puts the viewer in a state of quiet anxiety and reflection. He wants to smuggle these feelings gently. She is not interested in violent emotions, loud screaming art, requesting the attention of the viewer. There is a climate of fear in the works, although no immediate threat is visible.

The main character of the presented series is a child, but he does not want to talk about him. Teresa treats the child character only symbolically to express relevant to her content that originate in the world of adults. The child is a symbol that naturally and best expresses innocence, vulnerability and naivety. These three characteristics guide the artist’s work, they are the most important for her.

Everything she creates is very close to her heart. She thinks she couldn’t paint something she didn’t know about. Authenticity in life and in art is a very valuable asset to her.

In professional life, she is at the threshold of her own business – Legierska WARTe, in which she deals with painting for people and for herself. He creates painted furniture, murals, and above all paintings. She combined her passion with work. When she paints, she is led by a mix of experience, sensitivity, intellect and intuition, which tells her how and what to paint.

2019 – Individual exhibition, Delicacy to defense, Beskid Museum Andrzej Podżorski, Wisła.


  • Collective exhibition, Diplomas 2018, Galeria bwa, Katowice.
  • Collective exhibition, Exhibition of the works of the laureates of the 2nd edition of the Polish National Painting Competition Wojciech Fangor, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

2017 – Individual exhibition, Fragility to defend, Regional Culture Center, Częstochowa.


  • Collective exhibition, workshop of prof. Rykały 2016, Galeria +, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice.
  • Individual exhibition, Confessions II, Mr. Wiking Cafe, Mysłowice.
  • Individual exhibition, confessions, mok, Mysłowice.
  • Collective exhibition, Student Picture of the Year 2015, Dagma-Art Art Gallery, Katowice.